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I miss you SF. I’ll be back soon.


I miss you SF. I’ll be back soon.

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Welcome to San Francisco

Time to go back.

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Balboa Pier, Newportby Jeremiah Probodanu


Balboa Pier, Newport
by Jeremiah Probodanu

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San Francisco landmarks, 2014

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Traveling on only $500 each allowed us experiences that we would have missed if we had waited for “ideal” circumstances. We slept under the stars in New Mexico and stayed at the houses of total strangers in Denver. Strangers in Flagstaff let us eat at their graduation party and park rangers in Utah told us where to find free camping. New friends from the Internet bought us doughnuts in Chicago and old friends from the Internet insisted on paying for every expense in Detroit. We viewed incredible sights, met the kindest people, and made lifelong memories.

Sacrifice for your dreams; it’s worth it.

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